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Study period 1: Leadership for Sustainability Transitions – SEE040 (SEE025)

Application is open April 9 – May 7 through Chalmers Student portal.

Apply to the Challenge Lab course “SEE040 – Leadership for Sustainability Transitions”! The course is available in the student portal here.

This course has changed course code for the 2019/2020 academic year. Previous course codes has been “ENM145” and “SEE025”. The course has been highly appreciated by our students since its start in 2014, and there have been no major changes in the course due to changing the course code.

This course is one of the most inspiring courses I have taken at Chalmers. We start by figuring out what is important for humanity. Then we identify the problems. Instead of getting a predefinied question, we define the question on our own and then try to find solutions.

Erik Wallnér, master’s student in Sustainable Energy Systems

The aim of the course is to provide theoretical perspectives, methods and tools for leading sustainability-driven innovation in society. The leadership builds on backcasting as an over-arching approach, where you develop a leadership on three levels: leading yourself, leading together with others, and leading for humanity. This leadership is introduced through literature and lectures, is applied in a real-world case “a Good Life on Campus”, and is developed through individual exercises and reflection. Based on this foundation, you will in your future career be able to lead complex transitional processes involving stakeholders from different societal sectors. Some of the students attending the course choose to deepen their leadership capabilities further by conducting their master thesis at the Challenge Lab during the spring.

The course is open to students from all master programs. Ask your master program director if you have any questions of how it relates to your program. And if you have any questions about the course, and the Challenge Lab master thesis lab, don’t hesitate to contact us:

This course is very different because it is intellectually stimulating rather than technically challenged. It has been the first time at Chalmers that I have fundamentally questioned who I am, why I do things and how I can contribute to sustainable change in the world.

Comment from the course evaluation survey 2017

Study period 2: Managing Stakeholders for Sustainable Development – ENM130

We also recommend you to apply for the course “ENM130 – Managing stakeholders for sustainable development”. Read more about the course here.

In study period 2, the course “Managing stakeholders for sustainable development” gives you tools for stakeholder interaction, and lets you interact with stakeholders from industry, academia, society and civil society within the region. In combination with “Leadership for sustainability transitions”, this course gives you the best preparation for applying for the Challenge Lab master thesis!

Study period 3 & 4

The Challenge Lab master thesis lab. Application period starts in September.