“Sustainable development has been recognized by the United Nations (2015) as a challenge of transformation and integration. Transformation in the meaning that marginal changes are not sufficient, it is a question of systemic change to shift the world towards a sustainable path. Integration in the meaning that all dimensions of sustainability have to be considered simultaneously, and that we have to work together across sectors and scales.

Holmberg & Larsson (2017)

Challenge Lab is an arena that creates space for students from different master programs to – in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, academia, public sector, as well as civil society – identify questions that will guide us from today’s system to a sustainable future. At Challenge Lab, students are trained in a leadership guided by a backcasting process for sustainability driven innovation.

Challenge Lab offers the course “Leadership for Sustainability Transitions” and a “master thesis lab”. In the course, students address challenges to develop Chalmers’ campus, and during the master thesis lab, the students address challenges in Gothenburg and the region of West Sweden. Examples of thesis projects span from electromobility strategies in the city of Gothenburg, to developing blockchain solutions for a more efficient sharing economy.

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